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Images in the New York Times of the rubble of Kenya’s Westgate Mall. What happens now to the devastated concrete structure with a crater in the middle of it? Will it be rebuilt with loads of security? Will it be left for squatters? Will it be bulldozed and replaced by a memorial? And here is another troubling detail from the article:  “Western security officials say they believe that several fighters slipped out of the mall during the attack, dropping their guns, changing clothes and blending in with fleeing civilians, an account echoed by some witnesses.”


Thinking about the people of Nairobi tonight. And hoping there is no violent backlash on the Somali community there. Here’s a Time article (a year old but still relevant) on the war against Islamic terrorism in East Africa. It does a good job summing up the situation, including the US’s behind the scenes involvement, and gives a detailed account of the investigations after the 2010 Kampala World Cup bombings. And here is the New York Time’s aggregator page on Al-Shabab and a firsthand account of today’s tragic attack.